Genesis The Ruckus weapon Charges Drop By The Court

Genesis The Ruckus weapon Charges Drop By The Court

Genesis The Ruckus court charges for weapon possession summer 2013 is getting thrown out by the crown in Toronto own city hall. On December 2014 they made a deal with rapper and Ruckus agreed to do 40 hours of community service work. The Rapper brush that dirt off he’s shoulders.
Here what he had to say to he’s n**** in the hood. “F**k the law” they illegally search me. RTK full mix tape will be out when the ball drop 2014. Picture taken @ The Malcolm X_By any means necessary Music video Directed By Backzion Films.. ha ha ha…happy new more @


About Genesis The Ruckus

Genesis The Ruckus is the President/Owner/Rapper at Rap Till Death Records is currently residing in Toronto, On Canada. He Worked With a lot of Artists in the music industry and educate to up rise other musician's careers by learning from the best like K.R.S One, Tupac Shakur & Wu Tang Clan just to name a few because he's connected with The Aphilliates Dj Drama Street Team, Wu connection, G Unit Spitter and more. Played as a Actor in the motion movie picture "A Team" starring Rampage Jackson, Genesis The Ruckus is a international Artist with a great stage presence and performance in United State, UK, Canada & Seychelles Islands. With he's popular mix tapes online and the streets this Rapper don't take no for a answer, and he's well known for he's tag "Ruckusss" & He's the brother behind the best South African group ever "FLOWSTARZ" 2013 Publishing.Ruckus Is On Interscope Records Watch List And Connected To Some Of The Members. Ruckus is currently try to work out a Music deal with UNIVERSAL Music Canada. Visit -
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